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Women Veterans of Florida provides women veterans with variety of supportive transitional services.

About Us

Women Veterans of Florida provides transitional services for women who have bravely defended interests of our country. We offer a variety of supportive services, such as housing for homeless women veterans and their children, and physical and psychological support to help them ease their way back into society.

Rising to the Challenge

Many women veterans face challenges when returning to civilian life, some of which are different from those of their male counterparts. This includes raising children on their own or dealing with the psychological effects of events such as military sexual trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. These issues, without intervention, can put women veterans at greater risk of becoming homeless. Women Veterans of Florida helps servicewomen get back on their feet after they've bravely served and defended our country. 

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Mother and Child

Due Respects

It is estimated that there are currently 55,000 homeless women veterans in the United States on any given day. This is an unacceptable state for any of them, given the sacrifices they and their families have made for the sake of our country. Women Veterans of Florida believes in giving women veterans the proper respect. We work with them in establishing their plan toward independence.

Housing Facility

Women Veterans of Florida, is a transitional housing facility available to assist those in need of stable housing, vocational rehabilitation, and increased income potential. Here, veterans are surrounded with supportive staff and wrap-around services designed to lead to their successful completion of the program. We work hard so they can have a successful return to the community.